About a month ago, a new ecologically and socially aware, reduced packaging shop opened its doors in Thong Sala. We sat down with Cyrus, business partner and sometime husband of the owner of Unpacked, Kru Kay to talk about the project which he helps his wife run.

You might know them, or the place already, Unpacked is located on the ground floor of Baan Pasa Snook, the house of language and fun, an after school club for kids. There children can learn Thai or English. But this is not the only mission of the language club.

They also teach English combined with basic hospitality management principles to help local hotel and restaurant businesses to maximize their staff’s positive impact when dealing with guests. The club is also a way to socialise the children to ecology and sustainability concepts and it’s business benefits, two areas very dear to Kay and Cyrus.

Unpacked is not their first involvement with this important cause. After several trips to Koh Phangan going back to 2005, Cyrus decided to move to the island two years ago to be with Kay. When he arrived, he and Kay got involved with Trash Hero beach cleans.